Vojislava Vrcelj

‘Summertime love’, 2017


Dimensions:  70 x 70 x 70 cm
Material:  Eva foam, foil balloon

Diamond is the hardest material. In this work, diamond is made from soft eva foam material, which is usually used for summer flip flops.
It symbolises transience of materialistic values as well as emotional relationships between people.

Vojislava Vrcelj is graduated from the Faculty of Applied Art (ceramics department) in 2003. She participated in significant international ceramics competitions The 8th International Ceramics Competition MINO, Japan;The First Taiwan Ceramics Biennale 2004, Taiwan;  The 2nd World Ceramics Biennale2003, Korea.
She exhibited in many group exhibitions in Serbia.
She attended artist-in-residence program at the International Ceramic Research Center Denmark Guldagergaard, Skaelskor in Denmark, 2006. 
She participated in art colonies Zlakusa and Svet keramike in Serbia.
Her works are part of museum collections: Work Shoe – Powerhouse Museum Sydney Australia; Mars and Venus – Museum of Applied Arts Belgrade; Sleeping Beauty – Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum Taiwan. 
Vojislava is member of Serbian artist associations ULUPUDS

Material in which I am most skilled is fired clay (ceramic). This material is present in everyday life from prehistoric till now changing its shape, purpose and way of processing.

It is possible to create sculpture or installation made of ceramic in order to create just visual experience. But ceramic is also used as material for different production (ceramic part of machines or as material for medical purpose).

Whether I sculpt bust, shoe or slip cast porcelain in mold built by using 3D model, my works illustrate contemporary life style. My so far works are contemporary genre scenes (figures stuck in furniture surrounded by the screens), busts (in comic book style), shoes, and contemporary porcelain figurines in the form of Barbie doll, Pac-man and Lego man.
Ceramic is different from classical sculpting techniques because presence of colors and precious metals on smooth surface give a potential of displaying colorful life.

Vojislava Vrcelj