Nataša Škorić

Breathe! 2017

Material: mesh fabric
Dimensions: 140 x 40 cm

When born we take the first breath and we leave our body with a breath. In the meantime, we breathe. Calmly, excitedly, interruptedly, shallowly, unevenly… freely! The rhythm and depth of breathing reflect our emotional states. Without breathing we can not talk, sing, laugh, cry. … When patience gives us up and when we try to change the current position, or we start from “the scratch”… we breathe deeply.

Breathe! is a soft sculpture made of white mesh fabric strips that can be moved by the airflow.  The sculpture illustrates the breathing through the rhythm of the flounces grouped in the certain „shapes“. I have picked mash fabric since it is a transparent, lightweight, fine material, sheer and simple textile.  Thinned in the groups, because of its qualities, mash fabric has a colour only at the bottom, while the tips of the ruffles are transparent and ideally represent the flow of air that breathing causes.

Nataša Škorić was born in Belgrade in 1971. She graduated and mastered painting at FLU Cetinje under the professor Dragan Karadžić. She is currently a PhD candidate in FLU Belgrade.  Natasa has exhibited in several independent and group exhibitions in the country and abroad. She lives and works in Belgrade.

Basic studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje gave me the opportunity to master classic art media and topics. During the studies, the most exciting idea for me was to create a valuable object on a piece of paper or canvas with a little color by composing shapes, textures and lines; In addition, especially challenging and interesting for me was sculpting – because of the struggle to tame the shapes and materials, the mosaic – for the systematic repetition of the process, as well as the printing – for the process of persistent layering of the color coats. During this period, I also curiously embarked on experiments with digital and contemporary art media.

Throughout master studies, the goal of my research was the dissemination and demystification of traditional and experiments in contemporary painting techniques. In order to materialize my ideas, I cooperated with chemists, technologists, biologists, tinsmiths, waxers. This dynamic process has naturally led to the fact that matter became my main focus and gave the meaning to my works whose essence is conceptual. I have layered and constructed surfaces, carefully filled with various materials, sampled, collaged and „packed“ into ornaments, abstract, human or plant shapes. Except of the paintings, I also made installations because they have the same, concentrated material selection with special attention to their nature, visual qualities and symbolic meaning.

My occupation lately is the research of contradictions, the stimulation of the emotional reactions in response to sensory sensations, tension, exaggeration, decorativeness, freedom of sensuality of kitsch, since this is how I experience the time in which we live. I am still interested in the blurred boundary between various art forms: painting, sculpture and printing, and I continue to explore matter, but more and more often with a brush in my hands, through painting sensory, tactile image quality.

Nataša Škorić