Milija Stojanović

‘Requiem for a Dream’, 2013

Material: silicone
Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 20 cm

In this work I deal with the phenomenon of  scenes and sights; I deal with shapes that provoke us with their occurrence; shapes which appear in our memory sometimes, as a hint or as an association.
The work is created 
as a form which is hanging on the wall, emphasizing stretching, crumpling of the form, distortion… I wanted to emphasize all these features by choosing this material (silicone).
It is about items we use every day, which are reshaped and put into context of absurd; through the deformations and the accumulation of shapes that have some kind of swelling tendency.
A silicone rubber as a material, which assumes some kind of softness, liquid and organic structure, has the role to animate an observer to have the ability of touch, of guessing and on that way to get different kind of observation and experience as well.

Milija Stojanovic was born in 1980 in Podgorica. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje 2003 (sculpture department), and also received MA degree in Sculpture from the same faculty. Member of ULUCG (Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro) since 2006. He exhibited his works independently several times and participated in many group exhibitions in Montenegro and abroad. Milija is the author of many monumental sculptures.
He participated in many international symposiums of sculpture:
Skadar, Albania, 2011. (sculpture: “Sleeper”)
Danilovgrad, Montenegro, 2013. (sculpture: “Street spirit”)
Mallnitz, Austria, 2014. (sculpture:  “Architecture of broken sun”)
Ardud, Romania, 2015. (sculpture “Mechanical baby”)
Coronel XC, Brazil, 2015. (relief: “Simon of Cyrene”)
Mallnitz, Austria, 2016. (sculpture: “Falling head-star”)
Ostrozac; Cazin, BiH 2017. (sculpture: “The shape of broken moment”)