Lale Altunel

‘A Little Mercy!-1”,’, 2017

woolen knit- polyurethane,
approx 28 x 25 x 10 cm

The pieces called ‘A Little Mercy!’are composed of decapitated animals  wearing woolen knit baby creepers. They are produced within a project that aims to confront the viewer with the agony of animals that are being sacrificed for the sake of comfort and luxury of human-kind. It is desired to create the contrast between the compassionate treatment shown to human babies and to animals. This way it is tried to remind the innocence of animals while they face the cruelty of people.

‘A Little Mercy!-2”,’, 2017

woolen knit- polystyrene,
approx 50 x 20 x 10 cm

‘A Little Mercy!-3”,’, 2017

woolen knit- polystyrene,
approx 100 x 20 x 20 cm

Lale Altunel, 1980, İstanbul / Turkey

Lale Altunel is graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Sculpture Department and then completed the Master and Proficiancy in Art programs in Sculpture at the Marmara University Institute of Fine Arts. She still works in the same department as Assistant Professor.
In 2016 she made her first solo exhibition as a resident artist in Museo La Neomudejar C.A.V Madrid and the second one is nowadays open in İstanbul Halka Sanat/Galeri. She participated in various exhibitions and festivals at home and in Bulgary, Greece and Spain.

As an art viewer, I find the brilliant ideas very impressive but the works that reflect the artist’s intense feelings, remains in my mind much more. When I produce also, I ask myself, „Am I really that?“ Just like I move with my heart, rather than my logic in my life …

At my works in general, the intense feelings get noticed. I try to listen to myself and I choose the deepest feelings to share with people. For to express them, I benefit from, antiquities, obsolete spaces, used goods, traditions and the poly meaningfulness of the words.
In the other words; I try to reinterpret the codes in the collective memory since they are a common language for everyone.
Because like this I think I can appeal to a wider audience.

The sculptural education I have received is not dominant in my works. On the contrary, it allows me to think more freely. In sculpture, competing with skill-based problems makes one, open to everything in choosing the material. Sometimes I express the things I want to say with only two dimensions or sometimes sound and video get involved in the production.

Briefly; my aim is playing with the mediums and materials freely as I use a common dictionary of images to transmit a feeling to another person.

Lale Altunel