Anđela Mujčić

‘Awakening’, 2017

Material: fabric, sponge, alarm clock
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 40 cm

The work consists of a chair (made of sponge and fabric) and an alarm clock. The alarm clock is at a height beyond the reach of hands and it rings.
The artwork speaks of the inevitability of awaking as a personal and global need.

Andjela Mujcic (1981) Nis, Serbia (Yugoslavia)
Graduated in 2005 at the Faculty of Arts in Nis, majoring in painting. In 2010 she completed postgraduate studies at the Faculty of fine Arts in Belgrade. At the moment, she is finishing PHD studies at the Faculty of Arts and Design in Belgrade. Since 2011 she has been working at the Faculty of Arts in Zvecan – Kosovska Mitrovica as a Teaching assistant in Painting.

I create my paintings-objects through the specific process of gradual transformation of the traditional language of painting. Rather than to put figure in a rectangular, two-dimensional plane of the usual easel painting, they are completely singled out and placed in real space and thus come to an independent painting-object that interacts with the surrounding three-dimensional space. 

In my work I proceed from the media of private, documentary photography, in order to build a setting that functioning as a specific form of personal, intimate confession. The characters of unspecified social status, displaced in space and time, creates an atmosphere of warmth and memories, but in the same time they are a memento of nostalgic document of private, almost invisible history.

Andjela Mujcic