Disciplines: Soft sculpture (fabric, textile, rubber, sponge, wool…)

Location: Belgrade, Gallery SULUJ, Terazije 26 (

Exhibition period: The exhibition will be open from August  10th till August 31st 2017.

Opening reception: Thursday, August 10th 2017 at 8pm

Program Description: Project Soft Sculpture – Hard Thoughts promotes specific sculptural expression when artists use atypical materials to create sculptures and installations. The material is not only a way for creating sculptural forms, but it is the language that provides personal visions and thoughts. Through opposition – contrary to the softness of the material, it emphasizes the context of art work. Difficult times bring heavy thoughts. What happens when patience betrays us and when we desperately trying to change the current position and move from a standstill. What kind of attempts we do to break the deadlock. During exhibition it will be organized art workshop and public presentation of participating artists.

SULUJ Gallery
Palata Anker, Terazije 26, second floor

Artists (alphabetical order):

1. Annelies Slabbynck, Belgium

2. Anđela Mujčić, Serbia

3. Danica Bićanić, Serbia

4. Danijela Anđelković, Serbia

5. Gordana Belić, Serbia

6. Ivanka Vana Prelević, Montenegro

7. Jagoda Mićović, Serbia

8. Lale Altunel, Turkey

9. Marta Linaza, Spain

10. Mieke de Waal, the Netherlands

11. Milica Stojšin, Serbia

12. Milija Stojanović, Montenegro

13. Myrsini Artakianou, Greece / Germany

14. Nada Kažić, Montenegro

15. Nataša Škorić, Serbia

16. Nevena Popović, Serbia

17. Olivera Parlić, Serbia

18. Paco Vallejo, Spain

19. Pia Græsbøll Ottesen, Denmark

20. Slavica Lazić Dundas, Serbia

21. Ronald Gonzalez, USA

22. Sonja Hillen, the Netherlands

23. Vojislava Vrcelj, Serbia


For additional information, please contact: Nevena Popovic (