Slavica Lazić Dundas

Empty Places:

‘Day’, 2015
‘Night’, 2015
‘Dawn’, 2015

‘Passage 1’, 2015
‘Passage 2’, 2015
‘Forms of First Aid’, 2016

Technique: mixed media, gauze, glue
Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm each

Empty Places of boxes, pillars and wells are made of used, thrown and forgotten things. Reminds of past, of something that happened somewhere, of something that we recognized as bitter-sweet experience and not so sweet experience. Empty places are memory and oblivion at the same time. The moment when we take a look at crowds of useless things prepared for garbage. Exactly at that moment these works have been made at my studio.

Slavica Lazić Dundas was born in 1976 in Belgrade. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and also received MA degree in Sculpture in 2008 from the same university. Member of ULUS (Serbian Fine Artists Association) since 2002. Exhibited her works independently several times (2013, UB „Svetozar Marković“, Belgrade ; 2012, SKC Gallery, Kragujevac; 2011, Belgrade Fortress Gallery, Belgrade; 2009, Gallery „Dom omladine“, Belgrade; 2008, Sales Gallery Belgrade; FLU Gallery, Belgrade; 2004,Ilije M.Kolarc Gallery, Belgrade). Participated in many group exhibitions in our country and abroad.