Paco Vallejo

‘Cadenas / Chains’, 2016

Solid sphere assembled with paper links, paper, 60 cm Ø

“Nexus, link, union, alliance, connection, fusion, cohesion, adhesion, assembly, mixture, amalgam, welding, alloy, foundry, aggregation, jumble, joint, junction, coupling, gathering, association, conjugation, identification, integration, symbiosis.”

Paco Vallejo, 1979, Spain
Fine Arts Degree at the COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS UCM, the Complutense University of Madrid and the Aristotle Fine Arts University, Thessaloniki. (2006). Grant by Prof. M. Rothschild in Berlín (2007). Included in the International Emerging Artist Award of Dubai. Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Dubai in 2015-2016. Fellowship from the XIX Painting International Contest, Scopje, Macedonia in 2006. His exhibitions include Yelmo II. Georgia Gallery. Berlín (2016); Über Farbe und Form hinaus. Neuköllner Leuchtturm, Berlin (2016); Migrant I. Zhong Gallery. Berlin (2014); Antropomorfología de la Apoteosis Pituitaria. Liebre Gallery. Madrid (2013) with Bonus-Extra; Last summer. Samsøn Gallery. Boston (2011); Biennial Grid. Amsterdam (2010); Six Seasons. Ritz Carlton Hotel. Meisterschueler Gallery. Berlin (2008).

Art as a language must be open and unlimited. I work with many different techniques and materials. It would be impossible for me to use only a single technique or material. It happens the same to me with the form or format of the work. This must contain as much as possible all its potential of transformation, should be flexible, organic, creative.

From painting, installation and sculpture through the performance, video or photography I reflect on experiences or personal events around the concept of identity, nature, time or memory.

I believe in the liberating ability of art to change reality, as an alternative, alive, and universal language.
I have the need to be part of their evolution or development of the day-to-day of my studio as well as in other aspects of my daily life.

Paco Vallejo