Nevena Popović

Scattered Thoughts, 2017

Material: felt, fabric, polyester fiberfill, wire, embroidery yarn
Technique: Machine and hand sewing, hand embroidery
Dimensions: 200 x 50 x 30 cm

A bunch of scattered thoughts.

Airy, soft as clouds, but still so sharp.

Do they manage to hit the target? Or does the number of thoughts rise only, while the cloud grows?

And she stands still …

Nevena Popović was born in Belgrade in 1976.
Graduate and MA studies completed at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Department of Sculpture. As a recipient of the WUS AUSTRIA grant was a guest student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She is currently doing her PhD studies in art, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade. She exhibited, initiated and participated in numerous artistic and educational projects in Serbia and abroad. Lives and works in Belgrade and Kosovska Mitrovica. 

Combining different art media, my attention is in the problem of individuals in complex circumstances, where personal interests are intertwined with society’s expectations. I am focused on psychological states of individuals, to their fears, doubts, hopes, expectations and other burden that they carry during lifetime journey.

Nevena Popović