Myrsini Artakianou

Zero past, infinite future, 2016

Technique: handmade paper, gauze, ceramic, strings
Dimensions: 165 x 115 cm

Forms. Organic forms. Female forms.
Light and sensitive. Delicate. Fragile. Made of paper. And gauze.
Just hanging. White and smooth. As dried. Forgotten, but also so alive.

My work revolves around soft material.
The white color, the handmade paper, the way that they are hanging on the wall, gives out the feeling that it is something organic.
I like the idea of sensibility.
I like that you must be very careful to them.
That your treatment has to be so respectful to them.

Organic Fossils (detail), 2016

Technique: handmade paper, gauze, ceramic, strings
Dimensions: about 30 cm each

Myrsini Artakianou was born in 1987 in Greece. She lives and works in Leipzig.
2014 – 2016 Burg Giebichenstein School of Fine Arts, Halle/Germany, Grafik Class at Thomas Rug

2006 – 2012 University of Ioannina, School of Fine Arts, Greece
Solo Exhibitions
2016 Hüllen, Burg2 Galerie, Halle (Saale), DE
Group Exhibitions
2017 First International Print Biennale of Yerevan, ARM
2017 Philema, Handstand & Moral, Leipzig, DE
2016 Jahresausstellung Exhibition, HKD, Halle(Saale), DE
2015 draw! 100 Skizzenbücher für 100 Jahre BURG, Halle (Saale), DE
2015 Jahresausstellung Exhibition, HKD, Halle(Saale), DE
2011 Group Show on a swimming pool, Ioannina, GR
2010 My Ioannina, Kostas Frontzos Museun, Ioannina, GR
2010 Group Show, Thimomeno Portreto, Ioannina, GR
2009 Adult fairytales, Thimomeno Portreto, Ioannina, GR

Fine. Sensitive. Fragile. Delicate. Smooth. A Fine treatment. Strings. Forms. Dream forms. Covers. Lines. Contrast. Protection. Hart. Light. Organic. Humane. Corporeal. Hairy. Feminine. Female. Sexual. Alive. Cheerful. Beauty. Well-Know. Obvious. Sranger. Orderly. Collected. Group. Gloomy. Unique. Absurd. Grotesquerie. Abstract. Intimate. Memories. Experience.
A game between Reality and Fantasy. Between truth and lie. The path of the beholder, a suggestion of his imagination.

Myrsini Artakianou