Jagoda Mićović

‘What determines me’, 2017

Material: deer hide
Dimensions: 190 x 130 cm

What determines Me? Shaving intervention on a deer hide, 190cm x 130cm, 2017, revives the raw emotion through the raised question: What determines me? Where am I? Who am I? Who are they? This question is raised as a trophy from a trip on the route Belgrade – Brussels – Belgrade, exit – entrance, from one country to another during the last year ‘s multiple travels and visits.

Jagoda Micovic graduated at Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Arts in Belgrade, Painting Department, 2009; PhD Arts Studies at the Faculty of  Fine Arts of University of Arts in Belgrade, supervisor Mileta Prodanović, Doctor of Arts, 2015.
She had done 12 solo exhibition in the country and abroad, more than over 40 collective exhibitions in the country and abroad (Houston, Brussels, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Graz, Zagreb, Rovinj, Ricciona)
Guest artist on Kulturamt 2012 in Dusseldorf, 2012
2009 – Awarded by the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Arts in Belgrade with Great prize “Beta and Rista Vukanović – painters” for the best accomplished artistic work in school year 2008/2009; 2009 – Awarded by ”Led Art Klinika”, Novi Sad, “Perspectives 08”; 2009 – Garden Art Gallery, Sombor, for artistic research and development; 2009 – Awarded by Talent bookstore from Belgrade;
Public and private collections:
Center for graphics arts in Belgrade, Serbia; University of Houston Clear Lake, USA; Kulturamt, Dusseldorf; monograph The University of Arts in Belgrade, bilingual issue, 2012; monograph Euthanasia 2009-2011, Novi Sad; A5 Magzine art portfolio, UK, July 2017; BONA – feminist journal for theory and art, July 2017, Sarajevo.
Private collections: Brussels, London, Melbourne, Rome, Wiesbaden, Podgorica, Banja Luka and Belgrade.
Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.


So far, my work has been characterized by the drawing practice, painting and drawing techniques on paper and a raw canvas of medium and larger dimensions. Later, other technical and conceptual aspirations based on different media (video, photography, installation in space, animal skin) as means of communication and interaction with the audience developed from the drawings. Photography as a medium took its place in relation with the presented drawings. Wall installations composed of drawings and accompanying photos made one spatial unit.

In the latter stage of my exhibiting practice, the exhibition space does not only dictate but it also becomes a part of the work itself, not just as its support in the perception of  the artistic expression, but it also determines the ways of presenting a certain idea and the media by geometry.
From this consideration, one drawing has the significance to be displayed in different ways in space and via various media. Shaving intervention on a deer hide in the work What Determines Me?, 190 cm x 130 cm is one of the forms of display, “drawing” on an animal skin, as an exhibit – an object on the wall.

This eclectic work always has a drawing as the basis of the research and contemplation, while presentations are closely related to space and other media in an unconventional setting, often spatial.

Jagoda Micovic