Pia Græsbøll Ottesen

The planet for flower surprises, 2017

Dimensions: 120 cm x  36 cm x 20 cm
Mixed media: fabric material, black felt, speaker cables in different colors, copper, paper yarn, feathers, wooden beads of various sizes, metal, stir beans…

Fascination with flower shapes, colors and structure.
Sculpture forms resemble flowers with a surprise inside and with a structure like fabric.
To be surprised and sucked into this world – into this artwork.

Pia Græsbøll Ottesen was born in 1967 in Denmark.
Sculptor from Aarhus Art Academy – sculpture line, and a semester at the Glasgow School of Art (1993-1997). Leadership in Arts and Culture from Odsherred Theater School in collaboration with University College Zealand Center for Further Education 2011.
Member of BKF (committee chairman in region in the middle of 2012-16), Women’s Society of Women KKS (Co-ordinator for KKS in mid-2012 and representing KKS at Women’s Museum from 2014) Member of the KKS Board since 2016, Sculpture Network and the Kirsten Kjær Museum of Graphics And Sculpture-network.org ..
Book publishing „Sculpture in Education“ publishes at Buchs 2007 (supported by the Ministry of Education).
Based on the teaching book – lecture and further education course for teachers and educators.
Debutant in 1997 at The Artists’ Autumn Exhibition, The Free.

„With a classic background and a touch of ideas, I’m inspired by the fragmentary element.
There is only what there should be. „
Codewords or might approach the red thread through my works; Legend, material-study, curious, process-oriented and surprising.
Through my years my works have become more colorful, investigative influenced by impressions and wonder in the way of life, from the culture or social impact that I see or are a part of. Often, an idea must die until the right material appears.

Pia Græsbøll Ottesen