Danica Bićanić

‘Shaping’, 2017

Material: soft rubber
Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 25 cm

The work „Shaping“ is an interactive installation made by a soft rubber sculpture and instruction/ invitation for interaction. The author invites viewers to shape the sculptural form she initially designed and to document the result. Due to its soft structure, the sculpture provides an opportunity for viewers to shape it and change its appearance that way. Documentary material (photographs, comments and other data …), that will be collected from the audience that interacted, will be presented in different ways (via the Internet, as part of future performances related to the work „Shaping“, etc.) with the goal of presenting the diversity and multiplicity of factors involved in shaping a reality, in this case the sculpture. The work „Shaping“ questions the topics related to communication, relations and perception.

Instruction for shaping:

I kindly invite you to take part in creating artwork,
to touch my soft sculpture and shape it as you like.
After you did your shaping, please take a photo of your
work and send it to my email address:
along with your comments, thoughts, name (if you wish)
selfies and any other things that come across your mind.
Your photos and other material will be published on my
blog (danicabicanic.blogspot.rs)
and later they will be displayed at every exhibition
and other performances related to the Shaping installation.
Please be careful and gentle to my soft sculpture.
Use your fingers for shaping ONLY.
Do not stick your nails into it and please do not use
any objects for shaping, especially NOT SHARP ones.
Thank you in advance,
Danica Bićanić

Danica Bicanic was born in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 1985. She acquired the masters degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad – Sculpture Department, in 2010. She is a member of the Association of Visual Artists of Vojvodina. Since 2006, she had seven solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions, as well as several performances in Serbia and abroad (Romania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, United Kingdom, SAD, Bulgaria, Russia, Greece). She was granted the Award for Most successful graduate work at the Sculpture Department (2008), „Art Clinics“ Award „Perspective“ for perspective student in category Sculpture (2008), „University of Novi Sad Award for excellent results achieved in the field of arts“ (2009). Currently she is student in the PhD program in fine arts at the Academy of Arts Novi Sad.

My artistic practice is based on the research of boundaries of the expanded field of sculpture and intermedia research. The thing all works have in common is that they are basically defined by some process, a series of events;i.e. the process of creation itself is essential for understanding the work. All works are interconnected, they arise and proceed from each other and are subject to a change. They are some kind of notes, representing documentation of experiences, research. The topics I am questioning are related to a man’s double, contradictory position that divides him from nature and at the same time connects him to it, as well as topics related to communication, perception and different relations.

Danica Bicanic